Why golf is great for growing your bottom line

Brad McLean, hotel director at Thorpeness Golf Club & Hotel explains Golf may not be the people's sport, like football or horse racing, but one thing is for sure - the business world loves it. The fairways and greens of golf courses double as boardrooms the world over, and major business deals are often done in between pulling on golf spikes and golfing out on the 18th green. The most powerful man in the world US President Barack Obama is partial to a round of golf and is known to juggle affairs of state with his pursuit of a lower handicap. There's something about golf that appeals to business leaders and there's no doubt holding a corporate golf day is a tried and tested way of growing your bottom line.

5 Reasons a Golf Day is ideal corporate entertainment

  1. Golf's greatest virtue is that anyone of any age can play it.
  2. Golf's handicap system means everyone has a chance to do well in a competition. It doesn't matter who is actually the best player, having a handicap means anyone can finish up the winner of your golf day keeping the interest from all members of the party.
  3. A round of golf takes around four hours, so there's plenty of time to walk and talk to potential prospects, renew relationships with clients and suppliers or work through the fine detail of a new contract.
  4. Golf will tell you lots about the people you might do business with. Golf is the closest thing to the game we call life, so watch how your prospects and clients behave on the golf course.
  5. And finally, a well-run golf day is a great way to reward staff, impress new prospects and clients as well as raising the profile of your business. It is ideal for networking, lead generation and for creating positive feelings about your brand in the business community or industry sector.

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