Approach shot into the 13th Hole at Thorpeness Golf Course Suffolk

Ian’s blog spring 2018 

Well thank God that is over, it has been one of the worst springs on record. We are now six weeks behind on growth and the north-easterly wind that has been rattling the windows has shown no sign of abating yet.



The bittern that booms all through April and May is still calling, this is a second pair that has made a home in the fen behind the 5th tees. There has been a lot of cuckoo activity around the course and a black cap has been spied by Ray our ecologist on the 4th approach last Wednesday morning. But the best thing of all is that this year we have a plethora of knighting gales (4 pairs in all) singing and nesting on the course. 1 pair on the practice ground, a pair behind the first green, a nesting pair on the 7th hole and last but not least a pair on the 16th. The hobby has been seen patrolling the course and our usual sparrowhawks are nesting along the 6th fairway. The best of all the marsh harrier is nesting in an abandoned crow’s nest on the 14th. Now the government have decided to take some of our controls for pests away, we have taken an idea from our neighbors in Holland and placed as many nest boxes around the course as we can. This will hopefully allow the birds to pick up a few more flying insect pests before they can land and lay their eggs.


1st Tee and redesigned bunkers

The new 1st tee is now in play and the newly redesigned bunkers are sanded and ready for action. We have fertilized everything that does not move and at long last, we have signs of growth.


The fairways are taking shape

Chris is doing a sterling job shaping the fairways and we have good definition between fairway and rough, it will take a few more weeks of steady growth until we can cut a semi-rough layer. The greenspeed is running between eight and nine on the stimp meter, which will increase once our greens mower returns from service and we drop the height of cut to three and a half millimeters.    


Pro shop

Christine and her team in the pro-shop have purchased the latest range of golfing apparel, nice bright colours for the season ahead. If your golf is still a bit rusty from last winter, book a lesson with Dan or Christine to work the bugs out of your swing.


See on the course, Ian.    

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