Thorpeness House in the Clouds & Windmill in spring

Greenkeeper Ian's Spring observations

I think that the best time of the day is at first light, my dog Tara and I take a slow walk along the side of the practice ground just as the first rays of the sun appear over the horizon. It is at that time when a blackbird or a thrush sings his early morning call and one by one he is joined by other birds calling out to greet the dawn, it is a great experience to listen to, but you must be up very early to catch it. Last Wednesday morning whilst on our early course check, Tara and I heard for the first time this year the call of the bitten booming out from the fen behind the 6th tee. It is a sure sign that spring is finally on its way and everything will be waking from its winter slumber.


Dr Ray Hardinge will be returning from his winter retreat this month, so we can start to check the various habitat sites around the course and replace or repair some of the nest boxes, bat boxes and insect boxes we have in place. On the course we have verti-drained and fertilised all the greens and tees, this will control any moss that has gained a foothold during the winter months and allow steady grass growth to take place. The Irrigation system has been charged up and I will be carrying out a full system check next week to ensure that all is in readiness for the long hot summer days ahead. Watch out for the fantastic show of white blossom along the side of the practice ground and to the left-hand side of the 1st fairway and combined with the yellow flowers of the gorse, it really is a colourful site to see.

The Team and I have been awarded a Highly Commended Certificate for Best Environmental Practice on the golf course by the Sports Turf Research Institute, so it is nice to know that all the hard work that we have put into the course over the last few years has been noticed. Now the weather has started to warm up all the fair weather golfers will be coming out of hibernation and preparing themselves for the summer ahead, Christine and all her team in the Proshop are there to cater for all your golfing needs, from lessons to club selection and an extensive selection of seasonal golf attire. So come and try to match your skills against the course and enjoy the fresh Suffolk air and wonderful East Anglian country side.
Enjoy your golf, Ian

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