Hole 10 at Thorpeness Golf Course Suffolk


Winter has now taken a firm hand

Between Christmas and the New Year several hard frosts covered the course and coupled with a fully booked golf course it made life slightly more difficult than usual for the greenkeeping team. We have managed to keep the putting surfaces mown and rolled to maintain greenspeeds and smooth out any undulations.

Our Rabbit population

Has gone into a dramatic decline, but the moles have been working hard to make up for it, leaving piles of soil around the course. The team have rallied and we have managed to catch several over the last few weeks. Our new complex is slowly taking shape and the team are busy working out where all the course equipment will be stored.

The old tenth tee is back in play

This will allow us to rotate the tees around stopping large wear areas forming and resting the turf in general. The flock of Siskins that are usually found on the left hand side of the third fairway are busy gorging themselves on the seeds of the alder trees found around the mere, the magpies seem to be ever present, as they can exist on a very varied diet they will get through the winter months relatively unscathed.

Trips around the course

I have come across the Stag and his ladies a couple of times grazing in the heather by the sixteenth and fifteenth fairways, he is still a magnificent site to behold first thing in the morning, it just goes to show there is plenty of things to see even in the depths of winter. For those keen golfers amongst you, now that the festivities are over and you need to get back into the swing of things pop into the Proshop and book a lesson with Christine, she will sort out any problems and while you are in the Proshop have a look at some wonderful winter clothing in stock, a bit of retail therapy does no one any harm.

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