Annual Golf Membership at Thorpeness

If you like the security of a full annual membership and are a committed golfer who plays every week then you may prefer to become a full member at Thorpeness Golf Club, with unlimited year round golf.

Annual golf membership rates from 1st January to 31st December 2015

Full Gentleman Member
£1,070 (with UF £1,085)

Full Lady Member
£1,068.75 (with UF £1,085)

Full Joint Member
£1,838.75 (with UF £1,870)

Country A Gentleman
£770(with UF £785)

Country B Gentleman
£440 (with UF £455)

Country B Lady
£438.75 (with UF £455)

Intermediate Gentleman
£305 (with UF £320)

Intermediate Lady
£303.75 (with UF £320)

Over 80s Gentlemen
£350 (with UF £365)

Over 80s Lady
£348.75 (with UF £365)


All our annual rates excludes Golf Union Fees (UF) which for Men are £15.00 and for Ladies £16.25. There is also a £1 contribution to the Club’s team funds.

All prices quoted include VAT at 20%.

Call the Pro Shop on 01728 454926 or complete this simple enquiry form.